Having a website will easily boost your dog training business

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The dog training industry is ever growing and ever evolving business.  If you feel like your dog training business has stagnated, then creating a professional and customized website may be just the ticket to boost your business and increase your client list.

Google search for dog training

Have your dog training business searchable on Google

Anytime you need to find any information, you do a Google search to do your research.  If your dog training business isn’t searchable by Google, then clients won’t be able to find you.  As a business owner, you want current customers and potential customers to have online access to your business.  Without a website, it is virtually impossible to have the type of online presence that you need in today’s world.

2 Dogs and a Laptop providing Social Media

Everyone likes looking at dogs on social media

Whose Facebook feed isn’t filled with people’s pictures of the family dog?  Who doesn’t watch cute puppy videos on YouTube?  If you have a dog training business, you should also be using social media to help advertise all that you offer because your customers want to know.  For example, use social media to let clients know about new training sessions or special discounts that are being offered.  From social media accounts, you can direct customers to your website to sign up for training classes or watch free training videos as more value added to your brand.  Customers like to know that you have a strong online presence.  The higher your visibility, the larger your business’s credibility.

Dog on laptop

Promote your dog training classes

More people will sign up for training classes if they can sign up online.  These days people like the hassle free lifestyle that online transactions offer.  If customers can sign up and pay for your dog training classes online, then they will be more likely to attend the classes that you offer.  Because of this, there are many booking programs available that can be customized to meet the various needs of your business.

training video

Create your own dog training videos

Show off your expertise by creating little snippet videos to share with customers.  Working with a particularly challenging dog?  Share your training journey with your clients by showing pet owners how you handle tough situations.  Draw in new puppy owners by creating short videos on how to teach a new puppy to “sit” or “leave it.”  Potential and returning customers like being able to interact with you and your company even when they are not in class.


Host giveaways

Everyone likes feeling like they are getting a deal.  Promote a free trial class, offer discounts to pound puppies, have a referral program, or give a coupon to new or returning customers.  Promote the deals you offer on your social media with links to redeem the offers on your website.  People get excited for Black Friday every year because they know that they will be getting a deal.  Promote your business year round with deals offered on your social media and website.

dog swag

Everyone likes swag

Have strong brand awareness by selling swag.  Customers love being able to buy t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, mugs, or stickers with their favorite brands.  Having a small store on your website can help to promote your brand and make some extra cash for the business.


Create brand awareness and legitmacy

With a strong online presence, your dog training business can be known by many in your local area or in the wider world, depending on how you market yourself.  By having a professionally created website your business is marketing itself 24/7.  You can increase your marketing efforts by also promoting what you do on social media.  Make sure potential customers can find what you are offering.

Need help creating a website for your dog training business?  2 Dogs and a Laptop is here to help!


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