Amp up teaching during covid with these online Teaching resources

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Being a classroom teacher during the Covid-19 pandemic has been an eye-opening experience. The largest inequity has been between those teachers who know what tech platforms and programs to use, and the teachers that do not.  Amp up your online/hybrid/in-person teaching game by incorporating these online teaching resources into your regular teaching rotation. In addition, all of these resources are free for teachers to use.  Many of the resources, also, integrate with other online platforms that districts may already be using.

1. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a virtual trivia game that allows teachers to have students play individually or in teams.  The team mode requires students to share one computer, which is not easily done at this time, but some teachers have found creative ways to work around this obstacle.  Teachers can use one of the many pre-made Kahoot! quizzes that have already been made, and can search for a game by grade level and/or subject.   Teachers can also create their own Kahoot! and use it to review a topic being taught, or to provide a fun trivia day for the students.

2. edpuzzle

EdPuzzle is a video platform that allows teachers to use pre-made videos on topics, or they can create their own videos to use with students.  One of the best parts about EdPuzzle, is that videos can be imported from any platform.  Another great feature of EdPuzzle, is that videos can be edited to be cut down, voice comments can be inserted,  and questions can be inserted that students have to answer to check for understanding.  The greatest feature of EdPuzzle, is that once the teacher sets up his/her classroom, he/she can see which students have viewed the video and which students still need to complete the assignment.

3. Flipgrid

Flipgrid allows students and teachers to communicate through videos.  Teachers can create a ‘flip’ to have students introduce themselves to their classmates.  Teachers can also create video prompts to have students explain their thinking when explaining situations that they have been given.  Once students create their video, it gets posted to Flipgrid and their classmates and teacher can respond to each others’ videos.  

4. khan academy

Khan Academy has been around since 2008, but has added some new features for virtual teaching.  Khan Academy lets teachers create classes and import class rosters.  This now allows teachers to assign specific lessons to students in a class and see a student’s progress throughout an assigned unit, lesson, or skill.  Khan Academy also continuously adds new courses and content.  

5. quizizz

Quizizz (pronounced quizzes) is a platform to ‘gamify’ tests and quizzes.  It can also be used as s way to review material.  Teachers can create their own Quizizz or use ones that have been created by others.  Students get points on their test/quiz on questions they answer correctly.  There are also bonuses awarded if students answer questions quickly or get a certain number in a row correct.

6. kami

Kami allows teachers to have the ability to write, draw, or highlight documents.  This is a great feature when students submit work electronically and the teacher wants to give feedback directly on the document.  Kami allows virtual collaboration and virtual feedback to be as instantaneous and easy as it is in the classroom.

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