Nic Solves Website

Website Design & Development for Business Consultant

Mockup of Nic Solves website design on a laptop

Project Information

The Client

I was employed by the business consultant, Nic Solves, to help them establish their online presence with a clean web design and development. A one-page WordPress website was used to create this look.

The Challenges

Time management and design execution were challenging to me on my own, so it was wonderful to explain my vision and website needs and see it come to life very quickly!

The Skills

-custom CSS
-Google Analytics
-on-page SEO
Nic Solves Website multi-screen tablet mockup

The Results

A Beautiful One-Page Website Design

I cannot say enough great things about this experience. I am so thankful for your expertise, easygoing nature, and positivity!
Nicole Henry headshot owner of Nic Solves

Nicole Henry

Owner, Nic Solves
It was done perfectly! Sarah is amazing at communication, making changes quickly and efficiently, checking in, following up, and making sure it was everything we wanted before considering it done. This website was supposed to just be a quick something to get started but honestly, it’s so full and easy to use it will probably ride us out for a much longer time than anticipated before needing to add anything.
Nic Solves Website Design shown on multiple device screens