5 virtual resources For Students to Learn Better

pomeranian on tablet to find virtual resources for students

Student virtual learning is in use and much of it is self-directed, self-paced, and self-motivated.  Because of this, we are all trying to learn best practices in this fully virtual world.  In doing so, it is important to share any fabulous resources that we may have.  Nothing good should remain a secret.  The best resources are shared between colleagues and in the classrooms with students.  The more resources that you can add to your toolkit, the better student you will become because you will know where to go when needing different kinds of assistance.  With virtual learning, it is more important than ever for students to become self-empowering.

general knowledge virtual resources for students

If you’ve ever had any question about anything, Google is a wealth of information.  Need to replace your sink?  Google.  Want to know how to solve for the missing side of a triangle?  Google.  Need a brain break? Funny animal videos found on… Google.  Gone are the days where we can’t figure something out, because someone, somewhere has had the same question, encountered the same situation, and has solved the problem for you.  It can all be done with a quick Google search.  Now, we’ve all gone down the rabbit hole where we start looking for something on Google and find a lot of other information, but not actually what we need.  It’s all about learning to use the right combination of key words until Google understands what it is that we are looking for.

video and practice resource

Khan Academy has been around since 2008, but with many other resources out there, it is often overlooked.  Instruction is offered by way of instructional videos, practice, quizzes, and tests.  Khan Academy offers really comprehensive instruction in math and covers all topics from first grade onwards.  Khan Academy now offers additional courses in reading and language arts from 1st-9th grades; high school and college level science; and high school and college level arts and humanities courses (history, economics, and civics).  Re-learn material or enhance learning with better clarity and understanding by using Khan Academy.

resource for students to test themselves

Quizlet is a great resources when it comes time to start studying for a big test or to review for a quiz.  If there is terminology or facts that you need to remember, Quizlet can be used to make virtual flash cards.  The flash cards can be shuffled, read forward or backwards, turned into a test, or turned into a game.  The act of making Quizlet flash cards helps you study.  When you do additional review on top of the flash card creation, it furthers to help you study.  Ace every assessment that you have by studying smarter, not harder.

typing resource for students to get their virtual learning on

Typing on the computer is a big part of everything we do now.  Do you wish that you could type better or faster?  Nitro Type is a real-time typing competition.  Nitro type tests for your initial typing speed.  It then puts you into car race simulations where your car goes faster or slower based on how quickly or slowly that you can type the given sentences.  The more you practice, the more challenging it becomes.  This game also calculates your typing speed so you know how many words per minute you can type.

learning is not everything - virtual brain break resource for students

Need a brain break from all of your computer-based virtual learning?  Try Coolmath Games.  Coolmath Games has an extensive library of strategy, skill, numbers, logic, trivia, classic, word, puzzle, memory, geography, and science games.  There are over 14,000 different games on this site!  If you do not like one game, try another.  Everyone has their favorites.

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