5 ways to Brilliantly boost your website curb appeal

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Know if your website is drawing the right attention

A website homepage acts as the front door to your house.  It is the first thing most visitors see when coming to find you.  If your homepage is not set up correctly, your visitors will not get through your front door.  

That’s how long a user forms an impression about your website.  94% of those first impressions are design-related. A user will not look beyond the homepage if they do not like your website design.  You want to make sure that you nail your visitor’s first impression, so they stay to see your entire website.

What do customers want to see when they visit your homepage?

They want to know about what you do.  If a customer has to figure out what product you sell, services offered, or how you can solve their problem, they will leave your site immediately.  They should know this information right away.  Clear messaging is vital and should be a top priority. 

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The header is the first section that customers see and should give direction on what action you want your customers to take once they are there. This is called a “call to action” or CTA. Examples include a “Contact Me,” “Buy Me,” or “Sign up” button. Visitors must know what you want them to do with a clear message at the top of your homepage.

what else do you need?

After your header section, the rest of the homepage is up to you.  At this point, some customers may have taken action already and moved on through your CTA .  Wahooo! That’s great!  For those who are still scrolling, what are you going to include so that they convert?


What is your ideal customer struggling with, and how can you help them?  This is good for customers to know if they are trying to decide if you are the right fit.


Have your prior happy customers write nice things about the goods, services, or experiences that you have provided for them.  Many people shop based on reviews, and a testimonial is a  perfect way to showcase what you have previously done to create satisfied customers.   Potential clients have a snapshot of what it will be like to work with you.   


What are the top 3 products, services, or experiences you offer?  Feature your main items on your homepage so that customers have multiple ways of finding the things you most want them to.  


Having a contact form at the bottom of your webpage is always a nice touch.  It reminds customers to reach out to you with any questions they may have after viewing the rest of your homepage.

so what makes good website curb appeal?

A good website homepage incorporates a little taste of all of the features you will include in the rest of your website.  Visitors want to know what they are walking into when they begin their journey with you.  A well-built design of your homepage, along with mobile optimization and fast load speeds, will get your business well on the road to gaining new customers.  


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